About Us


Ladubee was established to address the lack of high quality products and the high prices charged for these products sold in South East Asia. This market is changing, middle and upper class are increasing yet the market is still saturated with abundant of low quality products. Demand for higher quality product are increasing yet customers are not used to the price tags. To address this issues, ladubee creates high quality products which are sold at affordable prices.

Our Focus

Our Vision

Ladubee is brand created by global entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world.

To be a leading global household brand, providing luxurious high quality multi-use everyday products at an affordable price.

To create ventures, products and services that will continuously benefit and improve the global community.

Its about sharing, Create a gift that will keep on giving.

“We are put on this earth to teach and learn from each other or to grow together which is impossible without the act of sharing. Sharing forges relationships and emotions that can last a lifetime. It also brings love and abundance in a world that is so scarce”

To promote growth and create leaders that are able to empower others in making sustainable positive changes. Never act alone as synergy is an outcome of many.

To create products that are unique, modern, responding to unspoken customer needs, of high quality and affordable. Extensive product development is conducted to ensure Ladubee products are of the best design, choice of material and user-friendly.

Ladubee conducts extensive procurement to ensure that materials sourced are of the highest quality and abides by international quality standard.