4 Tier Solid Book shelf

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Ladubee 4 Tier Solid Book shelf

An artistic gift straight from the nature with a tasteful touch by our design master (Sharles Sultan), every piece is an art in a class of its own. These wooden art pieces bear the finest texture, from the wildest to the modest

Simple clean and modern is often the ingredients for iconic modernist pieces.

A contemporary Ladubee  4 Tier Solid Book shelf is the perfect addition to your office or home, It will give you that spacious area for all your electronic equipment and at the same time an added impact for an eye catching, beautifully hand crafted and seamlessly joined table.

More design available, please check the store for more. If you want us to customize your furniture please do contact us at 0183927220 


Material A: Table Top

Table Top ( Meranti Fingerjoint Slab)



Variations Design:

Variation A: Wood Finishing Color

 Clear Gloss, Clear Mate, Wood stain

Variation B: Structure Colour

 Mate Black powder coat / mate black spray

Variation C: Finishing Edge

 square, blunt, soft, bevel cut


 5 ft x 2.5 ft

Packaging & Delivery Details:

Package Length (cm):

2.5 ft

Package Width (cm):


Package Height (cm):

3.5 ft

Package Weight (Kg):


Delivery Charges:

TBA (depends on location)

Warranty Detail:

1 month

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